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Be the change: Contributing together for the future of work

The world is changing, and so is the employment market

In its study entitled Shaping The Future of Work, Agoria sounds the alarm bell: around 4.5 million workers will need to upgrade their skills, and 310,000 people (workers and job seekers) will need to move into new types of employment by 2030, if they are to stay in long-term work. Unless rapid and effective measures are taken, 584,000 available positions will remain unfilled in 2030. So, what can YOU do to prepare for these major changes?

charter 1
charter 1

Be the change: a charter to prepare for the future

To help companies start out on this journey, Agoria has drawn up a charter containing a list of 10 simple commitments that your company can make in order to improve its human resource management. Adopting one or more of these commitments will not only start you off on the road to transformation, but will also help to create a sustainable employment market.

Join the movement’s pioneers

The more companies that join the movement, the greater our impact will be. Don’t wait any longer. Act now and select at least 3 commitments from the list below, so that you can adapt your human resource management to the employment market of tomorrow. Once these commitments have been made, your company will receive the title “Employer preparing the future of work” and will appear on the Be the change portal.

Why MONIZZE joined Be the change

Jean-Louis Van Houwe, CEO Monizze

How do I contribute?

  • Select your preferred set of commitments to be implemented within the indicated time period. The potential support to be provided by Agoria is indicated for each commitment.
  • The "Employer preparing the future of work" label is awarded to every company that registers to contribute towards a sustainable labour market. A year later, after successfully submitting to an audit performed by Agoria, you are awarded the "Employer ready for the future of work" label. You will receive more information on the audit in a timely manner.
  • Every company that commits to contribute towards a sustainable labour market is included in our Commitments page. Agoria ensures maximum visibility of this page.
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