Agoria: Be The Change Shaping the future of work

Shaping the future of work

What will our labour market be like in 2030? It will depend on your initiatives today! Read about the essential ‘Shaping the future of work’ research that lays the foundation and formulates four goals

Read the summary now!
  • 4,500,000 employees
    will have to update
    and improve their
    digital and related skills
  • 310,000 employees
    and unemployed must
    be retrained by 2030
    to ensure they have
    sustainable jobs
  • The analysis in
    Shaping the future of work
    indicates that activating
    people can fill
    268,000 vacancies
  • Increasing productivity
    prevents the demand for
    208,000 additional jobs

What are the results today?

If we want to be the ‘change’, we must all collaborate to achieve these four quantitative goals by 2030. Various organisations are already engaged. The real-time status is provided below.

Upgrading skills /
Retraining /
Activation /
Productivity /
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